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A trend toward smaller chandeliers and mini-chandeliers make it possible to incorporate these items into smaller rooms or areas in the home.

A sense of intimacy can be added to niche areas of a room, such as corner spaces or alcoves, with mini-chandeliers, and some minis are even being used in place of wall sconces.

Powder rooms are another place where chandeliers are frequently popping up.  Grouping minis is also a popular design technique, such as hanging several minis above an island or bar area for great impact.



Add task lighting in niche areas, inside cabinets and under cabinets, undercabinet lighting is essential to reduce shadows on the counter, while adding critical light to the workspace.


Mount mini-pendants over a kitchen island to make activities on the counter easier for you and your family members.  As a general rule of thumb, the bottom of a pendant or chandelier should be approximately 30" above the table.  To add more lighting, try aiming adjustable halogen recessed fixtures directly on the tabletop.

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Use dimmers to create ambiance and save energy.