Scott Electric Sumitube Heat and Shrink Markers
Scott Electric Custom Printed Heat and Shrink Markers

Custom Printed Heat and Shrink Markers

Let the Scott Electric Signs and Engraving division use the SUMIMARK III computer-controlled, thermal marking system to provide you with the custom cut and custom printed, permanent, alpha-numeric, barcodes or graphic images on a wide variety of heat-shrink-able tubing and adhesive labels.


Sumitube high performance heat-shrink tubing is available in all sizes, colors, and types and meets all major commercial and military specifications including AMS-DTL-23053, UL and CSA.

Materials that are available include polyolefins, fluroplastics, and elastomers. Single and dual-wall constructions are designed for use in military and commercial electronics, telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, and may other areas of industry.

SIZES from 1/2" x 1/2" to 12" x 24"

Wide variety of COLORS!

PERMANENT ADHESIVE BACKING standard. Holes, Velcro, pins, magnetic backing, frames and holders are also available.

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