Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can do a lot to help maintain comfortable temperatures throughout a house. In warm weather, ceiling fans offer an effective, low-cost alternative to air conditioning.In cold weather, ceiling fans improve air circulation for uniform heat distribution.

In warm weather, our bodies release excess heat by evaporating sweat. Air movement speeds up this cooling process, creating what’s known as wind chill. Wind chill is so effective that breezes stirred by a ceiling fan can make you feel as much as 8°F cooler. Studies have shown that a well placed ceiling fan can keep most people comfortable (without air conditioning) in temperatures as high as 86°F.

In cold weather, the wind-chill effect discourages the use of a ceiling fan. That’s why manufacturers provide a built-in reverse switch to spin fan blades clockwise, pulling air up gently toward the ceiling.This upward draft helps to mix warm air at ceiling level with colder air near the floor without creating noticeable breeze. In a family room with a 12-ft. cathedral ceiling, for example, temperatures can vary as much as 15°F from floor to ceiling. A properly sized ceiling fan can reduce this stratification to as little as 2°F.

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