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For over fifty years, Deka batteries have set the standard for the absolute highest quality and most reliable performance in the industry. And Deka batteries are all made in the U.S.A. Read More

We produce starting and deep-cycle batteries for marine and recreational vehicle use. These batteries are specially designed to combat the unique rigors of marine and RV applications. Deep-cycle batteries are used to power trolling motors, lights in a camper or stereos in a van, and are designed differently than the battery you use to start your car. Read More

Cleaning Machines, Golf or Electric Vehicles, Aerial Equipment, Renewable Energy Installations, Traffic Management Systems. Whatever the application - Crown deep cycle batteries have a solution that delivers best-available productivity, user-friendly operation and low costs per cycle. Read More

US Battery
U.S. Battery has been building flooded lead acid deep cycle batteries since 1928 and we have always put quality before quantity since the day our first battery rolled off the assembly line. We stand behind our product now, then and in the future. Read More

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